Pearl Charles “You Can Change”
Director: Angela Izzo

I had been working with Pearl Charles as a photographer when she approached me about this video. She called me up in a panic because she was on a deadline to release her first ever music video for her song “You Can Change” and the previous director who shot it months ago wasn’t ready to give her the final edit, plus it didn’t fit her style at all. She said she needed a video done within 3 days. I said, “I have two joints, come over to my studio tonight and we can make something, just make sure you wear white!” I had already been archiving footage from my travelogues and thought I could incorporate these images into the video. She came over to Tiger Eyes Media studio, I lit the room, sparked the joints, and Viola! Magic was made, and the video premiered on Vice within a week! Proud to say I directed the first music video for Pearl Charles.

VICE Noisey